Reviewage and Interviewage (and some MPoaF Wisdomage)

The Edinburgh Dead gets reviewed at:

RT Book Reviews (4.5 stars! Top Pick!)

My Bookish Ways (“The author is a master at creating dread,and manages to ratchet up the tension with a sure hand” !)

Falacta Times (“will grip the reader in its vice like hands as much from the first page as its last” !)

And I, its author, get interviewed at:

The Qwillery

And, in a development entirely unrelated in any way whatsoever to The Edinburgh Dead, but included here because it’s Friday, and every so often we must have Moving Pictures on a Friday: the late, lugubrious Carl Sagan comes over all eloquent and wise, on the subject of The Earth Seen From Space.

Pale Blue Dot – Animation from Ehdubya on Vimeo.

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