A Few Days in Pictures

Last weekend provided a nice few days around these parts.  Small pleasures.  Which I will now, of course, insist upon sharing …

An Unexpected Visitor

Putting out food for the little birds in the garden means occasionally being graced by the presence of a bigger bird, come to eat the little ones.  Poor chap missed out this time, but was kind enough to hang around for quite a while – no doubt bemoaning his misfortune – and pose for pictures.

Beach and Barbecue Weather

It was hot, hot, hot at the weekend.  In the photo above we see the unbounded enthusiasm of the Scots for a nice beach in good weather.  If you can see past the seething hordes of beach-goers, you might just be able to make out a lovely view.  Actually it did get more populated later, but it was nice not to have to share it with many folk for a while.  Did have a barbecue, later, but you’ll just have to take my word for that, since I’ve no photographic evidence.

An Expected, but Very Welcome, Delivery

A box of author’s copies of The Edinburgh Dead.  It’ll be in bookstores in just a few weeks now.  Others can make their own minds up about the contents, but looks-wise, I’m a big fan of this.  It’s a sleek and good-looking beast, very nicely put together by the Orbit team.

On the subject of others making up their own minds about the contents, some kind words have been said about the book recently.  They’ve been said in paper-and-ink form rather than on online, so sadly I can’t link to them directly and you’ll just have to believe me when I say that they were along these lines:

Publishers Weekly said: “Ruckley ventures successfully into the gothic with this horrific thriller … atmospheric descriptions help sustain the menacing mood.”

RT Magazine said, amongst other nice things: “this frightening tale of taking scientific enlightenment much too far is enhanced by strong, sharp prose and a lively pace, making it difficult to stop turning the pages.”

Jolly good.  Always a relief when you hear that someone out there in the big wide world likes your book …

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  1. MIhai (Dark Wolf)’s avatar

    Those copies look really good. “The Edinburgh Dead” is on top of my August wish list, so I’ll make sure to get a copy when it will be out.
    Such a lonely beach looks marvelous. I am jealous that you got to enjoy such a time, although it was for a short while 🙂

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