Ent Encounter

Was on holiday last week. Here. The only report of consequence I have from a jolly pleasant week is this: I met an ent.  Cool dude.  Didn’t get formally introduced, unfortunately, so I don’t know his name, but I’m guessing it’s Willowthatch.  Something like that.

A fine looking fellow, whatever his moniker.  He’s currently calling the Cairn O’Mohr winery home.  I’m not sure they even know he’s an ent, to be honest, and I didn’t mention it, in case he preferred to remain incognito.

Actually, I do have something else to report, but I suspect it’s of more interest to me than anyone else: best sighting I’ve ever had of a wild otter, paddling about in the River Earn one lunchtime.  I say best sighting – it was only a couple of seconds, but that’s still better than I’ve ever managed before, as far as I can remember.  Still, never mind all that.  Ent!

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