MPoaF: Flight

I have no inclination whatsoever to do this myself, but I feel a certain envy for those who do. Do they feel as free – free of gravity, free of fear, free of doubt – as they appear? Amazing, and rather beautiful.

Wingsuit Basejumping – The Need 4 Speed: The Art of Flight from Phoenix Fly on Vimeo.

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  1. Richard’s avatar

    I fly sailplanes actually. So I have an appreciation for what they are doing. And it scares the living bejeebus out of me. “That’s not flying, that’s falling with style!” – the comment Woody uses to describe Buzz’s demonstration of flight in TOY STORY. These guys are moving crazy fast past some serious ‘instant endings’ – so yeah – kudos to them for having bronze… ballast.

  2. Brian’s avatar

    Yeah. Kudos, for sure. A bit of google fu has revealed the fact that one of the jumpers in that video actually ran into one of those instant endings just last month: guy called Mirko Schmidt was killed on a jump/flight in France. Makes you think. I’m not sure exactly what it makes you think, but definitely makes you think.

  3. evilsteve’s avatar

    That is just crazy! Awesome but crazy!

  4. Philippe’s avatar

    Idd. Mirko has left us. He was one of the best proximity flyers in the world. RIP Mirko and blue skies to you.

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