In Which I Do a Chinese Portrait in French (and English)

Welcome to 2011, everybody.  Let’s hope it brings us all at least some of what we want and hope for.

I make an appearance in the French blogosphere this week, with something called a Chinese Portrait over at the Eclipse blog.  They’re publishing the French edition of Winterbirth, and the Chinese Portrait thing is not something I’d come across before but it’s a fun little exercise in coy authorial self-definition.  For those not fluent in the French language, I thought I’d put the English version up here, so that others can see what I think of myself.  So here we go:

If you were a quality, what would you be?


If you were a flaw?


If you were a work of art?

A painting by Monet – probably one of the haystacks

If you were a sound?

Running water – a small stream, not some great raging torrent

If you were a song/music?

Hello Darkness My Old Friend, by Simon and Garfunkel

If you were a word?


If you were a book?

War and Peace

If you were a motto/a quotation?

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, you have seriously underestimated the gravity of the situation

If you were a movie?

The Godfather

If you were a time period?

Late 19th century: Victorian Britain

If you were a personage of fiction?


If you were an animal?


If you were a mythological being or supernatural creature?

A Hobbit – one of the hobbits who stays at home in the Shire, rather than going off on adventures

So there you are.  My Chinese Portrait.  Revealing or not; you decide.

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