Narnia’s Back

Last year it took until about mid-December, if I remember rightly, for unprecedented snowfall to convert my surroundings into a film set for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  Mother Nature is not messing about this year.  She has brought the unprecedented forward, and made it bigger.

Getting on for a foot and a half of the fluffy white stuff has descended upon us in the last 48 hours (that’s 40cm plus for those who think metric).  It’s entirely ridiculous for Edinburgh in November (I mean, it’s not even winter yet, for Heaven’s sake).  The local roads are impassable.  The silence is frosty, in the literal rather than metaphorical sense.  There’s not enough milk in the fridge to last past tomorrow morning.  Come to that, the car’s supposed to be going in for a service and MOT tomorrow am.  Not going to happen, I don’t think; particularly since, if I turn my head through ninety degrees and look out the window: it’s snowing heavily again.

All of this inconvenience and hassle is, I can report, absolutely fantastic.  Love it.  I started laughing when the first snow began to fall late Friday night; I’ve been smiling more or less ever since.  My life is being messed with, and I find it absolutely wonderful.  Although there is a limit.  Another day or so is probably mine.  Just saying, Mother Nature, if you happen to be listening.

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  1. Simon’s avatar

    I am so jealous. Here on the south coast barely a flake has fallen. At least it has been cold – I saw my first frozen river of the errr… autumn, today 🙂

    More snow in the south, please!

  2. Brian’s avatar

    Simon, judging by the forecasts and news reports, my guess is by now you’ve got the snow you craved? The appeal is definitely starting to wear a bit thin up here … been knee deep in the stuff for a week, as reported in the post above …

  3. Simon’s avatar

    4 inches fell on the south coast last night. Good enough for me 🙂 Of course, I wouldn’t object to a bit more. There is something very pleasing about seeing the sea lapping at a snowy beach.

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