A Touch of Seasonal Colour

Photos from a week spent out of town, savouring the season.  Autumn’s by far the most characterful time of year, by my reckoning (at least in this corner of the world): all bluster and colour and change.  Got a certain natural magic to it, which nothing embodies more powerfully for me than the movement of birds.  Yes, I’m the odd guy who, at this time of year, might suddenly stop in the middle of doing or saying something and stare up at the sky, just because he’s heard a skein of geese honking their way overhead; or who pulls over the car in mid-journey to stare fixedly at some long hedgeline because he’s seen a flock of Scandinavian thrushes enjoying a bit of British hospitality.

What can I say?  These things give me a frisson of pleasure every time I see them.  They speak of ancient, deep rhythyms and cycles that are unimpressed by mere human preoccupations.

Plus, of course, there’s the colours.  No other season gets close to matching Autumn’s palette.

(I am glossing over the near-relentless rain of the last week or so.  It was, to put it mildly, a damp experience.  But hey, that’s part of Autumn’s personality too).

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  1. Armand’s avatar

    Hey Brian,

    Funny you should mention that. I was just walking the dog last week and stopped dead in my tracks to watch a flock of geese pass over. There is something about that which I find really captivating.

  2. Brian’s avatar

    Yeah, geese are the magic of Autumn on the wing: it’s all about the sound they make, the huge numbers of them, the inaccessible height they’re flyying at, the knowledge of where they’re coming from etc. etc. And a certain special something it’s not possible to put into words, I think. Fantastic stuff.

    Come to think of it, and despite what I said in the blog post, I don’t think there’s anything remotely odd about stopping to watch geese flying overhead. On the contrary, it’s almost certainly the sign of a well-balanced mind.

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