It’s A Cover. Probably.

So, this has shown up here and there on the internet in the last week or so.  Figure it’s only fair it should show up here too.  One slight word of caution: this might be the final cover for The Edinburgh Dead.  Or it might not quite be.  If it isn’t, though, the final version won’t be massively different.  For what it’s worth (and the opinion of authors on their own covers is not always worth as much as you might imagine) I like it.  I’ll be delighted to have my book wear such a skin.

Publication date?  2011.  A more precise predicition should be available before too long …

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  1. Mark’s avatar

    Well a nice coincidence! Haven’t been along here for a while checking up on progress but great to see that things have moved on a pace!
    For what its worth (ie I’m not terribly well qualified) I think the cover is a stoater!

    I look forward to discussing at length soon


  2. Derek and Friends’s avatar

    We think it looks great! the uniform almost looks a bit 1943 Germany, but on closer inspection, quite different. I also like the lettering on the inside, and the top right has a rad “almost bloody thumb print”. heh
    but like the previous post, my qualifications end at major reader and fan lol 😛
    Keep up the good work Brian, everyone I know has read your series and we will continue to support you indefinitely.

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