Stars and Bellies

Climbing back into the blogging saddle after a bit of a late summer break.  And … er … early autumn too, I guess.  Amazing how time flies when you’re not paying attention.

Two public service announcements:

For those involved in the publishing lark, a starred review in Publishers Weekly is an object of very sincere desire.  So congratulations to Patrick St Denis, Subterranean Press, me, C S Friedman, Tobias Buckell, L E Modesitt Jnr and Hal Duncan: Pat’s Speculative Horizon anthology joins the ranks of books to have snared one.  Kewl.  I call this a public service announcement because, of course, having been informed of the independently verified quality of the product you’ll be curious about how one might partake and I can provide the answer.

And for those involved in the eating lark, an update on what I’ve had for dinner recently.  I’m sorry about this – I’m not really given to inflicting this microscopically self-absorbed sort of thing on blog visitors – but I can’t help myself.  Had haggis a couple of nights ago and it was –  as it almost always is – jolly nice; but it was but a dim little twinkle of tastiness compared to the novel experience I had the evening before.  This is going to sound ridiculous, but: I ate me some roasted pork belly* for the first time in my life, and it was meltingly delicious, with crackling to die for.  I’m giving it a starred review, right here and right now.  So as a public service, I have this suggestion for all the carnivores out there who have yet to sample this delight: go buy yourself some pork belly and get roasting.  You can thank me some other time.  (And I promise to refrain from further discussing my dietary habits here until a decent period of time has elapsed).

*I cannot hear or write, or even think, the phrase ‘pork belly’ without thinking of this film.  The two concepts are inextricably and permanently bonded in my head.  And I’m not the only one: the connection’s acknowledged in an article Google uncovered for me, which has the tantalising, delightful aim of providing ‘a brief overview of the pork belly market and what you need to know to get started trading in it‘.  Apparently the correct full title is Frozen Pork Belly Futures. Isn’t capitalism amazing?

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