An Entirely Irrelevant Musical Interlude

Philip Palmer is on holiday.  You may think that’s of no interest to you – and you’re probably right, though I’m sure we all hope he’s having a good time – but it does mean he’s put up an in absentia reposting of my contribution to the regular SFF Song of the Week feature on his blog.  So if you didn’t catch it first time around, now’s your chance to discover what tops my personal ‘epic fantasy in the form of rock song’ charts.

Which reminded me of this other sff/music collision, which I found on some website or other recently (can’t remember where, sorry), and liked for all sorts of reasons, including the fact that it’s using possibly my single favourite song to have emerged from the 1990s Britpop frenzy:

In fact, let’s just have the proper version too, so that anyone unfortunate enough not to have heard it can do so:

Obviously, if you don’t like Britpop in general or Pulp in particular, or indeed that specific song, this post will have been a bit of a wash-out for you.  Sorry about that (although I know it’s too late to apologise now, down here at the bottom).

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  1. sentyouapostcard’s avatar

    so. mr. ruckley. this has nothing to do with the stuff you’re writing in this site. i just finished winterbirth but i had to stop reading it for a few hours. i got a copy of The Cobra by Frederick Forsyth and i absolutely love him –> had to stop reading winterbirth and read the cobra instead (sorry. i’m already an FF fan before you started writing). ANYWAY, i think winterbirth is great 🙂 🙂 🙂 i am now starting on bloodheir and i can’t believe fall of thanes is nowhere to be found in my country. i hope i can find a copy before the week ends… thanks for writing your trilogy. it has been quite entertaining so far.

  2. Allan’s avatar

    Hi Brian.

    Hope the new book is going well. just wanted to let you know that i finished the Godless world trilogy recently. i really enjoyed it and had absolutely no idea how you were going to end it. I like to think I’m fairly macho but the letter in the epilogue just about made me cry.

    Cant wait for your next stuff


  3. Brian’s avatar

    Thanks, Allan. I’m always happy – cruel fellow that I am – to hear from folk who’ve flirted with tears at the end. Makes me feel like I did at least something right!

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