The Art of Scaring Children Senseless

Stumbled across this out there in internetland, and liked it.  So here we are.   1970s illustrations by Gōjin Ishihara for ‘The Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters’.  Fantastic.  Also makes me think (a) the Japanese have very cool monsters, and (b) if I’d been reading this stuff at a tender age, I would have really liked it, but I’m pretty sure my dreams would have been impacted in some non-trivial way.  Just a few to whet your appetite, then a link to the rest:

Me like.  Full gallery, taken from a wider range of publications, is at Pink Tentacle, a rather good blog of Japanese culture and technology, which is well worth more extensive browsing.  Check out, for example, the cool rice paddy art and the sfnal mega-projects proposed by Shimizu Corporation.

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  1. Sarah’s avatar

    I have to agree with you, the Japanese do seem to have some very cool monsters. Thanks for sharing this stuff. It will inevitably keep me entertained for a bit. 🙂 Isn’t the internet great?

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