All About Writing, More or Less

Three unrelated items, except that they’re all very loosely about writing, I guess.  Sort of.

First, a wise and insightful (by which I mean complimnetary about my work, obviously) review of Speculative Horizons, Patrick’s St Denis’ anthology coming from Subterranean Press in a couple of months or so.  Apparently orders made through the Subterranean Press website get priority, so that should probably be your first port of call if interested, but it does seem to now be avilable for pre-order through the usual online channels (such as here and here) and they should be able to fill your order assuming it doesn’t sell out elsewhere first.  Either way, get your orders in!  Buy, buy buy!  Or not.  No pressure.

Second, one of the things I like listening to on my tiny little mp3 player: recordings of convention panels.  Yeah, I know.  Most folks like up to the minute tunes from popular musical combos; I like convention panels.  What can I say? (In fact, the truth is, to my knowledge there is not one single piece of music on my mp3 player.  Not a one.  It’s podcasts from top to bottom. Weird, huh?)  Anyway: panels.  You never quite know what you’re going to get with them, but that’s part of the fun.  Wordpunk radio has put out a few recordings from the recent Alt.Fiction event in Derby (which I’d recommend, by the way: I was at the 2008 version, and it was good fun.).  Here they are:

The Publishing Panel

The Writing for Comics Panel

The Authors from BBC Books Panel

The Fantasy Panel

It’s just like you were there yourself!  Virtual conventioneering!  There might be more to come for all I know, but those are the ones they’ve released so far.

Third and finally, I wasted a good two minutes with the entirely pointless I Write Like gizmo.  Here’s the verdicts:

First chapter of Winterbirth: I write like Margaret Mitchell.

Second chapter of The Edinburgh Dead: I write like James Joyce.

The blog post preceding this one: I write like Dan Brown.

So there you have it … wait, What?  Winterbirth is stylistically indistinguishable from Gone With the Wind?  Holy cow.  And as one of the legions of well-intentioned folk who’ve started but never finished Ulysses (and I even quite liked the bits of it I read, just couldn’t bring myself to see it through to the end, and my attention span’s much, much too short these days to launch another attempt on it – in fact, come to think of it, there’s a blog post somewhere in the category: ‘books I really quite like, but despite that never finished’) … anyway, I promise – promise – you The Edinburgh Dead is not remotely Joyceian.  Not remotely.  And surely if my blog posts were Dan Brown duplicates, I’d have an awful lot more readers, wouldn’t I?  And a bigger house, come to that.

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  1. Allan’s avatar


    just dropping a line to say that I am halfway through bloodheir at the moment and absolutely love your work. Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. Also pumped for you new book. great title!


  2. Brian’s avatar

    Thanks, Allan. Always good to hear from someone who’s having fun with the books. It’s like popping a little pill of motivation.

  3. Sarah’s avatar

    I just started Winterbirth last night and realized I couldn’t live with myself unless I found your webpage and explored it. Your blog is great, by the way, as is your book. Also, thanks for the podcast links. I’m always looking for good podcasts to listen to but somehow I always suck at finding them…

  4. Brian’s avatar

    Sarah: Pretty much the only way I’ve found podcasts I actually want to listen to is by other people mentioning them on the internet – I’ve tried actively searching new ones out through more scattergun means, and it’s one of those areas of life where it turns out you really need some kind of personal recommendation to sort the wheat from the chaff … So I like to mention a few now and again as a sort of payback. Plus I think it’s one of the most interesting and successful of all recent applications of internet technology, and I like to demonstrate I’ve got my finger on the pulse of the 21st century. Man.

  5. Brian’s avatar

    And just to add, anyone in need of podcasted entertainment, further suggestions can be found on the Links page:

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