New RSS Feed, Subscribers Please Update!

One unfortunate consequence of switching to this shiny new website: the rss feed for blog posts has changed, so it’s time to subscribe to a new feed, folks! is what you’re looking for.  Please subscribe!  Even if you’ve never used an rss feed before, make mine your first!  (In fact, if you’ve never used an rss feed before – seriously, this is stuff that will make your life better.  Seriously.  Go forth and become an rss feed junkie like the rest of us.  You can thank me later.)

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  1. Simon’s avatar

    Good to see the website back up and running. Any chance of some gazetteer action in the coming months (presumably after completion of the new book)? I rather liked the little bits you put in there for the Godless World, they really help flesh out a world in a way that can’t be done in the books themselves for fear of becoming waffley!

  2. Brian’s avatar

    Thanks, Simon. I wouldn’t totally rule out future Gazetteer action, but it’s been a while since I had my head in that particular space, and as you imply there’s no chance whatsoever of it happening until the new book is completely done: I’m mentally very much in 19th century Edinburgh rather than the Godless World at the moment. We’ll see what happens after that, though.

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