The New Me

So, we have a new  Similar to the old one, on the whole, but improved in various ways, especially behind the scenes.  Any feedback very welcome, especially if you find typos, broken links, rampant stupidity etc. anywhere around the place.  Otherwise, hope it meets with your approval.  (If not, you’ll just have to settle for the fact that it meets with my approval, which is the main thing, after all.)

Fittingly, the first announcement on the new website is about a new story: my name is one of those appearing on a short anthology called Speculative Horizons.  It’s coming from Subterranean Press in the autumn, and is edited by Patrick St Denis of Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist fame.  This is cool for various reasons, including that (a) Subterranean Press is a small press of very high repute so it’s nice to have even this slight involvement with them, and (b) my fellow authors in this anthology are of even higher repute so it’s even nicer to be assoicated with them in this way.  It’s also cool because 10% of the income from pre-orders made until the end of 21st May is being donated to the American Cancer Society.  So if this nifty little anthology is the sort of thing that might tempt you, please consider placing an order in the next few days!

I should add: no, my story in Speculative Horizons is not a Godless World story.  I wrote it just after finishing the trilogy, and really felt like turning out something a bit different. So it is fantasy, and it does involve death, and there is some violence and unpleasantness, but it’s also a bit more light-hearted than the Godless World stuff.  I’d quite like to write more stories featuring the same characters some day, since I know a lot more stuff that happens to them, but whether that’ll ever come to pass or not we’ll have to wait and see …

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