What Happens Next …

So, this blog is about to go into hopefully very brief hibernation. Blogger, in their wisdom (I’m not sure wisdom is quite the right word, but they’ve evidently got their reasons and I guess they’re entitled to do what they want with their own product) are switching off their support for the particular means of blog publishing upon which this here site relies. Thus, even if I wanted to, as of May 1st, no further posts will be possible. Tragic, I’m sure you’ll agree.

On the plus side, we’ve known about the impending shutdown for a while, and its provided the impetus for some long-discussed and hopefully thoroughly positive changes to brianruckley.com. So we (we is me and my invaluable Orbit web guru, by the way) will, with any luck, be bringing you a nice new website very soon. Thank you and good night.

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