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Friday, February 26, 2010

MPoaF: It's Oscar Time

My humble contribution to the feeding frenzy of the entertainment-industrial complex that is the Oscars. If you want predictions for who'll scoop the main prizes, you'll have to look elsewhere. The words 'Avatar' and 'Hurt Locker' will not be appearing anywhere in this post. (Except just there, obviously). I've seen precisely one of the ten films up for Best Picture - pathetic, I know - so have nothing remotely sensible to say. Other than that the one I have seen - District 9 - is a good, unusual piece of sf, which it's great to see on the list, and that it is obviously not going to win in a million years (and to be honest, much as I liked it ... well, I liked it, quite a lot in fact, but I didn't think it was an earth-shattering masterpiece or anything).

No, this is all about one category we can get some properly good moving images for: short animated film. Here are three of the nominees in full, for your perusal. I would have said 'for your amusement', but the humour on display here is pretty dark stuff, so your mileage may vary.

First off (and winner of my personal Oscar, I think) some nicely grim fairy tale-telling:

And next some nifty French animation:

And finally more thoroughly macabre goings on (just a bit too macabre for me to find it terribly amusing, to be honest):

The other two nominees, by the way, are Logorama, which its creators seem to have removed from most of the video sites that let you embed stuff in blogs, so I got bored trying to find a version to include here, and A Matter of Loaf and Death, which is similarly not easy to get hold of the full version of - but it's Wallace and Gromit, so you know more or less precisely what it's like already.

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