MPoaF: On the Subject of Writing

Earlier this week I spent a pleasant hour or two in the company of the students who make up Strathclyde University’s Writers’ Society, inflicting upon them some of my experiences, views and prejudices regarding the whole writing thing. I’ve done this kind of thing a handful of times now, and so far it’s always proved enjoyable. I can report that our nation’s students – at least the aspiring writers amongst them – are a fine body of folk. (But when did they get to be so young? More to the point, when did I get to be so old? Surely it was only a year or two ago that I was a student myself … oh, wait. Maybe it was rather longer than that … don’t think about it. Ignore the harsh realities of time’s passing. If you don’t pay it any attention, it’s not really happening …)

Some universities, it has to be said, benefit from the wisdom of writers rather more … well, rather more consequential than me. Here, for your Friday viewing pleasure is a whole half hour of a speculative fiction legend talking about his craft at Point Loma Nazarene University. Take it away, Ray Bradbury:

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