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Friday, August 28, 2009

Odds and Ends from Around the Net

A few choice items from internetland that caught my eye recently:

My all-powerful editor and publisher, Tim Holman, the head honcho of Orbit, had started up a rather good blog - The Publisher Files - which has recently included some great stuff. First off there was graphic evidence for the intuitively obvious tendency of fantasy book covers to feature certain genre props with great (perhaps even monotonous?) regularity.

Then, there's the still more interesting numerical analysis of the astonishing rise of urban fantasy in the US sf/f market. It's not often a distinct sub-genre comes from (almost) nowhere to frankly kick the butt of all the other longer established forms of a genre. Lots of interesting and thought-provoking tidbits in the article and the comments.

Meanwhile, over at the Grasping for the Wind blog, two fun posts in which a whole army of sf/f bloggers (must be a better collective noun than that for sf/f bloggers? Can't think of one right now ...) rveal which of the many fictional fantasy or sf worlds they'd actually like to live in: part one and part two. Me, I'd go for Iain M Banks' Culture every time, I think.

And finally, I recently discovered the TED Talks page (and subscribed to its feed). An insane number of videos of talks by lots of very smart folk on interesting topics - just about every topic under the sun seems to be in there somewhere, in fact (if you're in an apocalyptic state of mind for example, there's Stephen Petranek on ten ways human civilisation could be destroyed, and what to do about them, and Martin Rees on humanity's potentially grim future).



Blogger Simon said...

Does the public's love for urban fantasy herald a top 20 position for your upcoming novel I wonder? One can only hope :-)

10:39 PM  
Blogger Brian Ruckley said...

Well, it would be certainly be nice, but the question 'Is The Edinburgh Dead urban fantasy?' is not entirely straightforward, I suspect. (It's a fantasy set in an urban environment, for sure, but 'urban fantasy' is a whole lot more complicated and ambiguous as descriptions go, these days. Probably needs a blog post to try and answer that question, in fact ...)

1:19 PM  

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