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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nothing to See Here. Move Along.

There is, however, something to see over at Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews, where I've hijacked the blog briefly to make a guest post.



Anonymous Kyle Macdonald said...

Hi Brian,

Just purchased Fall of Thanes and can't wait to sit down on the weekend and have a good read. I've been reading lots of David Gemmell novels lately and you two are my favourite writers. I'm excited and a little sad to see the Godless World chronicles end but can't wait to hear about your new projects! Keep up the great work!!


10:10 AM  
Blogger Brian Ruckley said...

Thanks, Kyle. With any luck, there'll be at least a little bit of news about what the next project is showing up here before too long. A mysterious hint or a tantalising clue probably. Unless things go horribly wrong, of course, in which case there'll be a stony silence.

6:32 PM  
OpenID m-roderick said...

Heya, just stopping by to say how much your work is appreciated. I think the fantasy genre took a hit from too much canned high fantasy; books like the Godless World trilogy (about to finish Bloodheir for the first time) are breathing life back into the genre as a whole.

Looking forward to reading Fall of Thanes!


5:48 PM  

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