Short Fiction: My, That’s a Big Snake

One of the nicer surprises of last year for me was being asked to write short stories for a couple of anthologies. Makes you feel all kind of warm inside, that does. One of them is all done and dusted. It’s called ‘Beyond the Reach of His Gods’, and will be found in Rage of the Behemoth from a little outfit called Rogue Blades Entertainment, due for publication at the start of June I believe.

No one, famously, gets rich from writing (or publishing, for that matter) short stories these days, so, much as any invitation to write a story is welcome for that aforementioned warm feeling it engenders, you kind of need some other reason to say ‘yes’. In this case, I had the time to write something, I had been toying with the idea of trying to write some short stories anyway since I hadn’t exercised those creative muscles in a while, and the premise for this anthology – heroic fantasy involving giant monsters – just struck me as a chance to have a bit of uncomplicated fun. Plus as soon as I heard that theme, the basic idea for the story popped into my head more or less fully formed, so it seemed a shame to ignore it.

The story is about … well, it’s pretty much about this:

Seems pretty clear, no? And yes, that’s the main reason for this post: to show off the rather fine illustration that Johnney Perkins came up with for my story. Surely nobody could look at that image and not think ‘Why, yes. That story’s got to be some kind of fun, in a serpent-hero-jungle mash-up kind of way’? Nice work by the artist, and should you so wish you can actually buy the anthology with this image as the cover art from the Rogue Blades website. Whatever your taste in cover art, if doughty heroes and gargantuan monsters sounds like your kind of thing, why not give the book a try?

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