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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Trio of Trifles

So there's this book tournament going on see, over at bookspotcentral. It's a knockout deal, and Bloodheir's in the first round - but going no further unless it gets the votes! So should anyone happen to be a member over there, maybe voting for Bloodheir might be a possibility? Not saying you have to, just saying ... you could. You know. If you wanted. If you've nothing better to do.

Arguably better to do would be browsing a fun website for writers, aspiring or otherwise, and readers and viewers come to that: tv tropes. It's got seriously extensive lists and descriptions for all kinds of themes and conventions that show up in fiction of all sorts, not just TV writing. Handily organised into sub-categories, too, including one devoted to speculative fiction. Hours of diverting browsing. Plus it's a wiki, so the whole thing's user generated and edited.

And many a true word is spoken in jest. In support of which contention I direct you towards this instalment of Penny Arcade.

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Blogger Brian Buckley said...

Penny Arcade is great, isn't it? Gabe and Tycho rarely disappoint. One of my favorite regular reads, right up there with XKCD and Scary Go Round.

(Also...yes, my name really is Brian *B*uckley. Yes, I'm an aspiring author in almost the same genre as you. Yes, I will have to change how my name is written if I ever get published, to avoid confusion. No...not bitter at all. ;-)

3:32 PM  
Blogger Brian Ruckley said...

Here's a funny thing, Brian: I have spent half my life being called by your name. Feels like that, anyway - the amount of stuff I get addressed to 'Brian Buckley' is decidedly non-trivial. People clearly think it sounds less improbable than 'Ruckley'.

10:20 PM  
Blogger Brian Buckley said...

Now that's something I would never have thought of, but you're right. Google confirms it:

brian buckley - 554,000 results
brian ruckley - 26,900 results

On the plus side (for you) the top ten results are all about your writing. So if you can get someone to type your name right, your books are the first thing they'll see!

Anyway I imagine both of us have had plenty of letters addressed to someone named "Brain"...

10:51 PM  

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