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Monday, March 02, 2009

Seeing Red

The mass market paperback editions of Bloodheir are released in the UK and US around the end of this month. The US version has just fallen into my grubby little hands, and I can't resist doing a little public admiration of it. Behold how (a) red and (b) cool it is:

Looks particularly fine alongside the equivalent edition of Winterbirth, I think. Also raises the obvious question of what variation can we expect when the time comes to give Fall of Thanes its paperback clothes? Blue? Grey? Pink? No idea, in fact, but I'm looking forward to finding out (so long as it's not pink). Setting aside the question of whether the text inside the covers is any good or not, there can't be much doubt that the covers themselves for this series have been great eye candy. Score one (or three, I suppose, since it's a trilogy) for Orbit.

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Anonymous Ryan said...

My copy of Bloodheir is the white version! (US)

It is a bigger version of the normal paperback though, so maybe it's special :)

12:27 AM  
Blogger Brian Ruckley said...

Yeah, the trade paperback in the US and the hardback in the UK had the whitish version of the cover. Not sure exactly why we're switching to red for the smaller papaerbacks - perhaps there are obsessive cover completists out there who must have every single version...or perhaps it just looks good.

9:21 AM  

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