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Monday, November 17, 2008

Just to Note a Nice Review

Easing my way back into the blogging rhythm here, with a bit of a warm-up post just to note a nice review of Bloodheir over at a fine Romanian sf/f blog: Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews.

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Anonymous Gregory Gibbons said...

Hello, again, Brian. That was a great review!

I wish to apologise for my perhaps 'over- enthusiastic' first post. I just got excited at the thought of your books- I have really enjoyed them.

I thought you might find this interesting- I just recently began a dungeons and dragons campaign, loosely based in my interpretation of the Godless World, and it seems to be going over exceptionally well with my players. Makes for a compelling setting for role- play. I've only allowed my players to assume huanin characters to start with, until they are better aquainted with the other denizens.

1:22 AM  
Blogger Brian Ruckley said...

Gregory: Nothing wrong with a bit of enthusiasm.

D&D in the Godless World is a fun idea (I think some folk were discussing it on the Winterbirth Facebook page, too, so great minds obviously think alike) - personally I'd be nagging the DM to let me play a Hunt Inkallim: having a big slavering wardog as a sidekick would be a nice bonus!

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Gregory Gibbons said...

The Inkallim are totally off -limits at the moment for player character options. I've set the scene with the Gyre Bloods as the bad guys initially, but that too may change as the complex political winds buffet the protagonists, and harsh descisions have to be made...

But yeah, the Hunt would make an excellent 'ranger' prestige class- that is to say, a specialized path that players can opt to follow. And your description of the dogs certainly make them desirable companions in battle.

If I were playing in the setting, I'd be the jerk that wants to know more about why I can't play a Whrenin or an Anain!

By the way, you are really doing a great job of revealing the mythos bit by bit. Often in a book I skip over preambles and lengthy prologues if they seem to be merely about lore and mood- setting, but the Godless World is very tantalizing. Well done.

3:52 PM  

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