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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Three Quick Things

World's briefest interview! In terms of the number of questions asked, at least; not in terms of my answer. While you're at that site, check out the huge library of links to online reviews of fantasy novels in the sidebar. Very handy if you're wondering what to buy next.

I've got to admit I'm not a big fan of Torchwood. Not even a small fan, really, though I kept watching the occasional episode in the vain hope of falling in love with it. But I quite like this idea: a special radio episode to mark the switching on of CERN's now famous Large Hadron Collider. You can download the mp3 of it here, but only for the next five days or so. It's not remotely enough to turn me into a fan, but it does make me wonder: might I actually have liked it more if Torchwood was a radio series instead of on TV? On this evidence, I think there are ways it benefits - or could benefit - from the different constraints and opportunities of the audio medium. And from having to comply with the requirements of a pre-watershed broadcast slot, for that matter.

And this is my idea of a top quality movie trailer: Quantum of Solace. I'm looking forward to this more than I've looked forward to a Bond movie in ... well, ever. Although there were a few doubting voices when he was first cast, Daniel Craig now looks - to me, anyway - as though he was born to play the role. The tuxedo fits.

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OpenID von Darkmoor said...

Hi Brian! Finally read this fun interview. Can I quote you on this "Description is a slow waltz; battles are heavy metal. Or something like that."? I love it, want to rotate it on my blog and use it in a presentation on writing I'll be giving the end of January.

-Jason Metal, er, Waltz ;)

7:41 PM  
Blogger Brian Ruckley said...

Quote away, Jason. Quote away.

9:26 AM  

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