Crushing the Frantic Penguins

An entirely pointless and idle detour into the backstreets of randomville. Further to my last post, I was vaguely curious about what googling ‘crushing the frantic penguins’ would reveal. (I’ve no idea why. Just because I can, I suppose. Which could be the defining slogan of our internet-enabled world, I suppose).

Not a lot, is the answer, but as always where the internet’s concerned, a couple of interesting snippets. Especially the last one, though I’m not sure ‘interesting’ is really quite the right word for it.

Lovecraftian graffiti

A photo of some ridiculously big starfish

Clearing a giant fatberg from the London sewers. Yeuuch.

And now I’m off to do something slightly less futile than googling phrases culled from horror fiction masterworks.

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