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Saturday, July 05, 2008

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So, the great big signed Bloodheir giveaway on Facebook has drawn to a close. To be honest, until I actually signed up for Facebook I was a bit of a sceptic about the whole social networking thing. I still don't think I'm really quite on the right wavelength, but I'm starting to 'get it' a bit more. I'm prepared to concede that they do actually offer a new kind of dynamic and structure to the whole internet thing that nothing else does in quite the same way. Anyway, now that the giveaway's done, I should mention, as I traditionally and predictably do at such moments, that signed and dedicated Bloodheirs are available to all sundry - socially networked or not - from Transreal Fiction. I quite like stopping by to sign them, so don't you worry about putting me to any trouble. It's a pleasure, really. So you're buying yourself a signed book, and me a little bit of pleasure. Everybody wins.

The latest must-read blog for sf/f bibliophiles: Enter the Octopus. Lots of good content, most significantly the huge, more-or-less daily, round ups of book-related links.

Pre-release reviews and rumours about this suggest that something interesting is on the way, and I'm gradually allowing my expectations to get high enough that I'm virtually inviting disappointment to come and stomp all over me:

Rumours abound that this chap is being lined up to be the new Dr. Who. Like him very much indeed as an actor, but Dr. Who? Maybe, so long as they went the not-too-manic route. Guess we'll see in due course. Or not, these being rumours of the plausible but entirely unconfirmed sort.

Strange Maps, which is one of those sites that pretty much justifies the invention of blogging software all by its lonesome if you ask me, has an interesting post on a wildly silly proposal to drain the North Sea, put forward in 1930. It kind of sums up everything I like about the blog: fun maps and loads of semi-obscure geographical and historical info.

Funny/Clever (via SF Signal, which unlike Enter the Octopus is a long-established must-read site for sf bibliophiles):

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Blogger Michael Natale said...


I am hoping that Nesbitt gets the nod to be the new Doctor. He was *brilliant* in Jekyll. I am guessing you've seen that, if not check it out ASAP. It was written by Who scribe and soon to be show runner Steven Moffatt.

Nesbitt has incredible range as an actor and I think he could definitely pull it off.


1:00 AM  
Blogger Brian Ruckley said...

Yeah, I'm a big fan of his. If he did get the role, I'd just want him to be well-drected by Moffatt et al - he's such a strong personality he can kind of overwhelm everyone around him on screen. (not that David Tennant's Dr. Who exactly fades into the background ...)

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Perry Droast said...

I just finished reading Bloodheir. Quite fantastic. I liked it even better than Winterbirth. As a recent convert to fantasy ( a few years ago) I find I like books such as yours without so much magic. I don't mind magic, but when it becomes the whole theme I lose interest.

I wish you well in your endeavors to write the next book in the series. I'll buy it as soon as it hits Amazon.

Thanks for some great entertainment.o

3:35 AM  

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