Further Adventures in Facebookland

As previously mentioned here, I’m on Facebook and likely to say yes to Friend requests from Winterbirth readers. That’s old news. Now, in our continuing mission to explore the new worlds of the internet frontier, Winterbirth has its own Facebook page. Yes, why bother with the author when you can now go directly to the crux of things and make friends with (or in this case ‘become a fan of’) a book. It’s got all the usual stuff Facebookers will be familiar with: pictures, discussion board, news items, blog feeds, links to extract from the book etc. etc. Quite neat. No idea whether it will appeal to people or not, but if you like Winterbirth, go along and have a look, maybe sign up as a fan (or, as I like to think of it, ‘moral support’). If there’s enough interest, there might be some Facebook-exclusive stuff that shows up there eventually.

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