Heavy Metal on Film

Contrary to the impression given by this blog in the last week or three, I have not lapsed into a coma or been stranded on a desert island without internet connection following some bizarre travel mishap. Just busy and not overly inspired as far as blogging’s concerned. This hardly counts as inspiration, really, but I like the following combination.

I can get all childishly excited at the propsect of a new superhero movie, if it looks like it might be at least competently done. What’s currently filling me with shivers of fanboy anticipation more than any other comic book movie propsect? Not (surprisingly to me) Watchmen – given the iconic status and astonishing quality of the source material, I fear disappointment is dangerously close to inevitable when the movie version arrives. I’m hoping for a work of genius, but I’m not expecting it (although these photos suggest an almost panel-by-panel recreation of the comic on the screen, which is encouraging).

No, what’s got my hopes ridiculously, absurdly pumped up beyond all realistic prospect of satisfaction is this:

And I was never even a huge Iron Man fan. But this just looks … great to me. Everything from the casting to the dialogue to the effects looks promising. And to prove that fact is never far behind fiction, here’s a little something (via the TTA Press blog) that suggests it won’t be all that long before we don’t have to rely on comic books and movies for our iron-shelled superheroes. They’ll probably be doing urban control work in a city not all that far from you – the Middle East is only a long stone’s throw away, in global terms, after all – just a few years down the line:

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