Resuming Normal Service

A quick round-up post, just to demonstrate that normal service has been resumed following the brief digression that was that Blog Action Day thingy.

First, a nice review of Winterbirth at the book review site that has the name all other bookbloggers probably wish they’d thought of first: Bookgasm.

Second, I feel vindicated. I knew the movie of The Dark is Rising was going to be a turkey as soon as I saw the trailer (here’s the proof of my grumpy prescience), and the BBC’s film critic of choice, Mark Kermode, has confirmed my suspicions. He can be heard dissing the film, along with several others, in the podcast here (it’ll be harder to find after the next few days but probably still there somewhere). For what it’s worth, I’ll second the nice things he says about Once: a sweet little film with good music.

Third, one of the best blogs in the whole wide world, Strange Maps, has been quiet for a while but had a flurry of updates in the last few days. The maps themselves are the main attraction, but there’s loads of interesting stuff in the accompanying text. Some favourites amongst the recent additions: the map of the apocalypse, the Belgocentric map of Europe, the Sarajevo siege map, and of course Scotland – Land of Heroes and of Cakes.

Fourthly, I’m still fumbling about on Facebook, trying to figure out what all the bells and whistles do (and whether there’s any point to the damn things). So here’s a Profile Badge I made earlier. Meh. But hey, at least now I know what a Profile Badge looks like.

this is Brian's profile

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