Five Things

I’m still getting an occasional query about signatures, so just to clarify: last I heard, somewhere in the Orbit UK offices there’s a pile of bookplates that I signed a while ago. If you’d like one to stick into your copy of Winterbirth, drop them a line and they might be able to help you. The only other option if you want a signed copy is to buy one, I’m afraid: if you order Winterbirth from Transreal Fiction – they can still get hold of the UK hardback as far as I know – I can sign (and optionally dedicate, date, whatever) it before it’s shipped out to you.

I am, on a more or less experimental basis, on Facebook. To be honest, I really don’t get this whole social networking lark. I have a niggling, grumpy old man suspicion that it’s all a bit Emperor’s New Clothes, but let’s ignore my no doubt ill-informed misgivings for now. If you’re in there too and want to do the friend thing, feel free, but please bear the following in mind:

(a) if I’ve never heard of you, any friend request is likely to fall on deaf ears unless you include a message that you’re a Winterbirth reader, or some similarly plausible excuse for getting in touch;

(b) I’m not actually likely to do much in the way of social networking in the foreseeable future (I know, why be on Facebook, then?). For the time being at least my visits to Facebookland are infrequent and brief, and

(c) don’t be surprised – or offended – if one day I have up and disappeared completely. It might just happen, if one too many people try to turn me into a pirate ninja zombie vampire or whatever.

I spent two very pleasant hours listening to the Starship Sofa guys talking about Interzone magazine. It’s the usual rambling, diversionary discussion, taking in everything from Goth bands of the 1980s through the merits of various Star Trek: TNG characters to Michael Moorcock’s cat and its contact lenses. There’s a good interview with one of the Interzone editors in the second hour, too. You can get the mp3 (episode 60) here.

Next week there’s a Blog Action Day when bloggers are invited to post about environmental issues. I’m not really into this kind of stuff – arbitrarily selected collective action days of dubious efficacy, that is, rather than environmental stuff, which on the whole I am into – but I might participate. Haven’t decided yet. In the meantime, here’s an arbitrarily selected (and gently photoshopped) picture of some wildlife, to see if I can get myself in the mood: an eider duck I snapped on the Isle of May way back in the Spring. Probably the coolest duck in the world. In so far as any duck could be said to be cool.

I inadvertently watched some of a CSI Miami episode last night. Coincidentally, it’s just been identified as the most-watched TV show in the entire world. Now CSI Miami was OK when it started, but some time ago it not so much jumped the shark as harpooned it, hauled it up onto the beach, slapped some lipstick and a dress on it and took it out on a date with a view to producing lots of little human-shark hybrids. It’s entered such extreme realms of ludicrous improbability and self-caricature that it’s almost reached the level of surreal, comedic art. I mean, seriously: the biggest TV show in the world?!? You people are nuts. All of you.

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