A Few Quick Links

Blogger Play is a website that consists entirely of a slideshow of photos people have recently put up on their blogs. Clicking on any photo takes you straight to the relevant blog post. It’s completely pointless, but an interesting way of going on a random walk through the world’s blogs for a few minutes.

After many delays, including last-minute printing palavers, Black Static magazine has finally made it off the starting blocks. I’ve not seen the first issue yet, but I confidently predict it’ll be worth checking out for those who like their fiction dark and unsettling. It’s the successor to what I thought was the most interesting UK short fiction mag of the 1990s, The Third Alternative, so it ought to be good.

There’s a bit of a mini-eruption of Winterbirth reviews around the interwebs at the moment, a couple of which have caught my eye for one reason or another.

I particularly like this one, because it says about the battle scenes: ‘if Braveheart was put into writing, I think it would be something like this’. I like that partly because I was consciously trying for a vaguely cinematic, vivid feeling in the action scenes, and it’s nice to see it working for at least one reader. Secondly, I loved the battles in Braveheart: at the time, I thought they were the most exciting and convincingly vicious imitation of medieval combat I’d ever seen in the cinema. Not sure they’ve been surpassed even now.

The other review I found particularly interesting is this one. It’s brief and very positive, but what surprised me about it is that it’s been put out by the Associated Press news agency. I, in my ignorance, hadn’t even registered that organisations like AP or Reuters put out reviews like this – I guess I assumed they just did news items. Anyway, will be interested to see if the review turns up anywhere else now it’s gone out on the AP ‘wire’ or whatever it is that happens to such things …

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