Creature Feature 2

The end of August, and there was Shelobesque violence in the undergrowth at Aberlady Bay, just outside Edinburgh.

This spider took all of about 30 seconds to encase the violently struggling moth in silk, and then wandered casually off, no doubt to later return and suck its hapless victim dry. Very cool (but not for the moth, which I imagine found the whole experience thoroughly disheartening).

Just to prove Nature’s not all red in tooth and claw, a little way down the path from the spider vs. moth show:

The white flowers are called Grass of Parnassus, which I think is a classy name for a classy flower, that in close up looks like a piece of organic alien technology.

I don’t know if they actually grow on Mount Parnassus in Greece, but apparently in ancient mythology that mountain was the home of the Muses who inspired poets, artists, musicians and writers. Perhaps they danced upon carpets of such flowers. I tried not to tread on any as I trudged towards the beach …

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