One Interview, Two Reviews, Six Free Books

It never occurred to me, when idly dreaming of one day being a writer, that it would entail answering questions about haggis and Edinburgh pubs. Funny how things turn out.

Mister Roy, the very same marketing professional I mentioned in the last post, has been talking about Winterbirth again, only this time it’s a plain old review rather than a dissection of the ‘to buy or not to buy’ decision-making process.

The rather fine Fantasy Book Critic blog also has a review of Winterbirth up. Earth-crumblingly important and fascinating as that is, even I’m prepared to admit that another item on the blog might be of even more interest: an outrageously generous book giveaway where you (so long as you’re a North American resident) can win no less than six books from the Orbit US launch line-up.

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