Bloodheir Publication Dates

Every so often I get an e-mail asking about the publication date for Bloodheir, book two in the Godless World trilogy. We’re always eager to please around these parts, so here’s the official update, freshly extracted from the horse’s (i.e. publisher’s) mouth.

The plan is to more or less synchronise Bloodheir publication around the English-speaking world. Winterbirth‘s appearance in the UK, Aus/NZ and USA has been staggered over about 12 months, but if all goes according to plan (which is never a 100% certainty, of course) Bloodheir will show up just about simultaneously in all those places around June 2008. It may appear a month sooner or later in one place than another, but any differences should be minor.

Barring unforeseen developments, by the way, Book 3 will follow approximately one year later. I guess it will also be coming out everywhere at basically the same time.

And that picture is a detail from the prototype of the Bloodheir cover, just as a bit of a teaser. Cool-looking dude, if you ask me. With a big spear.

Incidentally, although the official publication date of Winterbirth in the US is still a week away, it’s in stock at . Buy! Buy! If you feel like it, obviously. No pressure.

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