The Welcome Message

It occurred to me there might be one or two new visitors to the site, what with UK paperback and imminent US publication of Winterbirth. Also, thanks to the miracles of modern technology, this blog is now syndicated on, so maybe some folk will stumble across it over there (waves to anyone who happens to be reading it over there!). All in all, I thought a little welcome and orientation might be in order, so this is it. Hello and Welcome.

This blog is a fairly random mix of news, rambling, links to things elsewhere that I find of interest. Entirely normal bloggish stuff, in other words. I mentioned some reasons why I blog here, but if you like you can also regard it as my indirect means of answering the frequently author-targeted questions ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’ and ‘What are your influences?’. Partial and vague answers are scattered throughout this blog, a bit like bones buried around a garden by an over-active and forgetful dog. (Do dogs actually do that outside of cartoons? I’ve never owned one, so I don’t know whether it’s a myth or not.)

There is a feed thingy, to which you might want to consider subscribing (and if you’re not using those things yet, why on Earth not? I love my feeds, I do. Whoever invented RSS should get a Nobel prize, or a knighthood, or something.)

Elsewhere on the website, the Gazetteer section has some (spoiler-free) info that fills in a little of the background to events described in the books. Stuff gets added to it now and again – in fact it’s just been updated with a note on the Kyrinin clans. Another new addition is something that’s almost but not quite like a cover gallery: all the covers so far stuck onto Winterbirth can now be viewed on this page deep in the bowels of the website, which is also the place to go for anyone who’s curious about non-English language editions.

Should you be yet to buy the UK paperback, and be tempted by the thought of a signed copy (or a signed copy of the UK hardback, which is still available and might actually be of more interest to those of you who like signatures on their books), see here for details.

Oh, and interviews with me have been sprouting across the internet like an infestation of pernicious mushrooms recently. Should you not yet be sick of the sight of me rambling on, there’s one here: part one and part two, and another one here.

And that was the Welcome Message. Consider yourself welcomed, and thanks for listening.

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