Paperbacks, a Feast and a Big Fish

The UK paperback of Winterbirth has definitely been released into the wild. I know this because I have seen it there with my own eyes, looking all pale and pristine and appealing on the bookshop shelves. (And because Amazon is uttering those delightful words ‘In Stock’.)

In other news, Reader’s Paradise bookshop in Cape Town is running a Fantasy Feast for the next couple of months. They’ve managed to assemble signed bookplates from a whole heap of authors – me included, along with a lot of rather more high profile folk like Tad Williams, Neil Gaiman and Charles Stross (it’s an sf feast too, see) – so there’s a veritable mountain of signed books available, along with various other goodies. It looks like a great event (and a great shop), so now anyone who’s in Cape Town in August or September knows where to go …

And here’s a link to a photo that illustrates very clearly why I won’t be going swimming in the Mekong River this lifetime.

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