A few items encountered in the wilds of the internet recently that took my fancy, and might take yours. Or not. Who knows?

A nice little (very little) story from The Daily Cabal (where all the stories are very little).

A good little podcast about the Inuit, that beneath an easy-to-listen-to exterior is about a big and complicated subject: the ways language, environment and culture interact and merge. It’s that worldbuilding stuff sf/f writers and readers go on about, only in the real world. From Nature Stories.

A stunning gallery of underwater sculptures, discovered via the palace of cool that is Notcot, which was in turn discovered via the livejournal of Ian McDonald, who wrote the wholly excellent River of Gods.

And not strictly internet-related (except that it was rented via the net) but watched The Host recently, and enjoyed it. Korean sf-horror that doesn’t take itself too seriously, despite being quite dark and nasty in places, and is, in ways both subtle and not-so-subtle, unlike anything Hollywood would come up with given the same basic material to work with. Plus it has a monster that swallows people whole and vomits them back up. Nice.

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