Three for the Price of One: Alan Campbell, Deborah J Miller and Me

I’m pretty sure Edinburgh has more festivals per head of population than anywhere else on the planet. This is the first time I get to take part in one, though. GhostFest 2007 includes a strand of events called ‘Writers With Bite’, and in the midst of it can be found: Dark Fantasies, 7.30pm on Saturday 12th May, featuring Alan Campbell, Deborah J. Miller and me.

Should be fun – and none of us actually bite, so should be reasonably safe too. If you fancy seeing (and hearing) us in the flesh, tickets are very reasonably priced: details are on the website, or you can e-mail info(at)blackhart(dot)uk(dot)com or call 0131 225 9044. Come along and say hello!
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