I’m a pretty recent convert to the joys of the podcast, and still only listen to them now and again (that’s the problem with working from home: drastically reduced reading/listening time. That and the unsolicited phone calls trying to sell me new windows. I already have windows, they came with the house, why would some stranger calling me up suddenly convince me I need new ones? I mean … oh, never mind. ) Anyway, back to podcasts: I’m pretty much convinced they’re a damn fine invention. Here’s a few I keep an eye/ear on:

Mark Kermode’s Film Reviews. The best film reviews you can get on your PC. Or radio, for that matter, if you’re more traditionally inclined.

The Bat Segundo Show. Possibly the best known author interview podcast on the Web? Don’t know, but it’s a good one. Wide-ranging discussions with loads of authors, mostly US. I’ve never heard of quite a few of them, but still enjoy most of the interviews.

Starship Sofa. Two Geordie blokes get together and talk about famous sf authors. The entertaining digressions are half the fun, but these guys obviously put some effort into researching their subjects. Almost always a funny and interesting listen.

Agony Column. Loads of sf/f stuff – mostly author interviews.

Nature Stories. A US documentary podcast about people, wilderness and wildlife. This is probably the one I listen to most regularly, mainly because its episodes are very short (just like my attention span, perhaps?). The best of them transport you, for a few minutes, to another place.

Naked Scientists. I suspect they’re not actually naked, but these scientists nevertheless do a pretty good show, covering all kinds of topics. I, for one, never knew there were bacteria living off radiation at the bottom of South African gold mines … and though it might be totally useless knowledge, my life is strangely enriched by knowing it.

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