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I’ve not actually seen a hard copy, but I believe I’m interviewed/profiled in the February issue of Writing Magazine, as part of their ‘New Authors’ series.

Another interview, along with a mini-review of Winterbirth, is also now online.

I came across a clever little web-thingy (well, I think it’s clever, but I’m quite easily pleased). It takes a bit of figuring out, mainly because there’s so many things you can tweak, but once you get the hang of it, it’s an interesting way to kill a few minutes: the state of the world, visualised as a cloud of drifting, expanding, multi-coloured balloons.

And finally, I wonder if ITV is about to prove conclusively that Torchwood could and should have been a lot better?

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  1. Markus’s avatar


    I've read your book Winterbirth – pretty cool!

    Do you know – when the other 2 books of the triologie came out in german language?


  2. Brian Ruckley’s avatar

    Mark: Glad to hear you liked the first book. No, I'm afraid I don't know what the plans are for future German publications. I am not particularly involved in the translated editions of the books. Your best bet would probably be to contact my German publishers direct and ask them.

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