300 plus More Odds & Ends

The prologue of Winterbirth borrows from a famous bit of ancient Greek history, which is also the subject of what for some people is probably the most eagerly-awaited movie in a while. I imagine most folk who are into this kind of thing will already have seen this, but just in case anyone’s missed it … [wait, wait, health warning first: you should probably steer clear of the upcoming link if you’re allergic to testosterone] … here’s where to find the trailer for 300.

It’s indisputable evidence of Hollywood’s ability to make carnage look eye-wateringly cool these days, and of the extent to which comics have got their hooks into the movie industry in the last decade or so. There’s an interesting frame-by-frame comparison of the movie and the source comic here. I never actually read the original, but it’s evident that just as with the last adaptation of his work – Sin City – Frank Miller’s vision is going to make it onto the silver screen in a pretty undiluted form.

One last addition to the Gazetteer for 2006: a little snippet of lore about the absent Gods, with the catchy title ‘The Sevenfold Catechism’.

And as it’s the time of year for looking back, I was amongst a whole heap of people who contributed to a big ‘Best of 2006’ thing for the Forbidden Planet blog. One of those exercises where as soon as you’ve sent it off you think ‘damn. forgot such-and-such, should’ve mentioned that.’ As I didn’t have anything sensible to say about comics, I arbitrarily invented my own category of ‘Favourite YouTube video of 2006’, and nominated this: OK GO – Here it Goes Again.

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