The US of A plus Free Books!

Just before I get to the point of this post, since it has an American theme: people keep saying George W. Bush is now a lame duck, so what might a lame duck President find to do with his time? Answer here.

So, to our main story. A bit slow out of the blocks with this news, since it’s been agreed for a little while now, but: I’m delighted to say a deal’s been done for Winterbirth to be published in the USA. Getting published in the UK and various European countries would, to be honest, have been enough to keep me happy for a long time – adding the US to the list is a fantastic thick crust of icing on the cake.

The US edition will be one of the first books to appear from Orbit in the USA, making it part of one of the more ambitious undertakings seen in sf/f publishing for a while. Orbit’s turning itself into a globe-spanning genre empire, with a foot in each of the three biggest English-speaking markets (which I suppose makes it a tripod – a form with a noble sf heritage).

Same continent, different country, and look: I’m being given away for free. (EDIT to update: that competition’s finished now, so the freebies are no more, I’m afraid)

And here, one more time, is the info on how to buy a signed copy of the UK edition, in case anyone’s still toying with that idea.

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