Collective Nouns (& A Big Cave)

Forgot to mention a couple of links were added to the relevant page a little while ago: the Falcata Times and the blog of the Write Fantastic, a collective of British fantasy writers. Which made me wonder what the collective noun for fantasy writers is. Maybe ‘tolkien’, as in ‘I had to throw a whole tolkien of fantasy writers out of the pub last night’.

Favourite collective nouns from the animal world: a charm of finches, a murder of crows. Apparently the name for a group of buzzards – birds I previously admitted my liking for – is a ‘wake’, which sounds good but I’ve no idea what its origin is. In fact, A Wake of Buzzards would be a good title. Not nearly as good as A Murder of Crows, of course, but that’s already taken several times over.

And, wholly unconnected with that (I’m rambling here, as you probably noticed), exciting news for all British troglodytes. There’s a cool photo of it here.

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