A Tentative Schedule, Signed Copies, Vicious Books

Got a couple of questions via the website, the answers to which may be of wider interest, so:

When are the second and third books in the trilogy going to be published? The plan is for a roughly annual schedule, so Book 2 should be out late 2007, Book 3 late 2008. Plans are fragile things of course, but that’s the one in place unless and until something changes. Titles are to be confirmed – I think I know what Book 2’s called, but at the moment I’ve got title block over Book 3 …

How can I get a signed copy? I’m afraid for the time being there are only two ways, and one of them’s relevant only to a few readers. The first is to contact Orbit ( Orbit(at)littlebrown(dot)co(dot)uk with the (at) and (dot)s replaced as appropriate, of course ), and ask them to send you a signed bookplate that you can put into the copy you’ve already bought. The second applies only to those geographically fortunate enough to live within easy reach of Edinburgh: most of the bigger bookshops have signed hardbacks for sale (unless they’ve improbably sold them all already).

And finally … got my first report of Winterbirth-induced bloodshed: “In an incident as freakish as it was dramatic, at 6am this morning I managed (in my sleep) to knock my newly acquired hardback copy off the shelf above my head and deliver a gash to the forehead … Luckily I wasn’t blinded but I think I will gain a black eye.” Obviously I regret any pain and suffering caused, though a little bit of collateral damage is probably inevitable in the cutthroat world of publishing. And it does seem strangely appropriate, given the not-unbloody cover art.

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