Busy Skies (with sound effects!)

This is a bit of an aside, but never mind – I’m my own editor here, and a lax one at that. It’s been a busy, autumnal couple of days overhead: skeins of geese, honking along in high altitude Vs; a big flock of lapwings paddling across the sky.

And a visit from one of the great success stories amongst Britain’s wild birds. Buzzards put in an appearance here fairly regularly, even though we’re on the edge of a pretty big urban area, and every time I see or hear one it’s one of life’s little pleasures. The buzzard’s voice is fantastic, the stuff of wild lands (and available for your listening pleasure here). When I was a kid, I didn’t see buzzards very often. A 20th century cocktail of persecution, not enough rabbits to eat (bad stuff, that myxomatosis) and toxic pesticides had hammered the population. Nowadays all those problems are, to some extent, reduced. Result: buzzard population explosion, especially in the last ten or fifteen years. They’ve been breeding like … well, rabbits, and are now close to being the UK’s commonest bird of prey, if they’re not there already. And if that means I get to hear them over my garden, I’m glad.

Go on, listen again. It’s cool – a little bit of wilderness on your PC.

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