How to surprise a newbie

As a newbie to the world of publishing, it’s been an eye-opening experience to witness some of the workings of the industry. One aspect of it all that probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but did, is how far in advance of publication copies of the book start circulating amongst reviewers and others, either as a manuscript or an Advance Reading Copy. So, with a few weeks still to go before Winterbirth appears in bookshops, there are already comments and reviews out there to be read.
The first (as far as I know) appeared no less than three and a half months ago (three and half months!) here. A more recent one is in the ‘Falcata Times’, available as a pdf here, and largely duplicated on’s Winterbirth page. So now I know how a book acquires a review on Amazon before it’s even been published …

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